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Your use of this website and the services rendered through it will be guided by certain terms and conditions. This page will make you aware of the same. Please note that when you sign up into our website, you are actually accepting this set of terms and conditions. So, make sure to give it a read and understand it properly before signing up into our website.


These terms and conditions are applicable throughout the services offered through our website. In addition, they are also applicable for all the social handles, widgets, applications, and platforms owned or controlled by Fellow Expert.

Table of Contents

1- User Account

  1. Registration
  2. Eligibility
  3. Acceptance
  4. Permission
  5. Permission
  6. Suspension
  7. Inactive Accounts

2- Relationships

  1. Relation with Fellow Expert
  2. Relation between Client and Freelancer

3- Payment and Funds

4- Intellectual Property Infringement

5- Promotional Content

6- Feedbacks and Reviews

7- Fraud Prevention

8- Refunds

9- Dispute Resolution

10- Freelancer’s Grievances

1- User Account

When you create an account with Fellow Expert, the services for the account are regulated through some specific set of guidelines. These guidelines are applicable for both Freelancer Account and Company Account


By registering with our website, you are actually accepting the terms and conditions to use the website. Even if an employee registers on the behalf of the company, then also you need to accept the terms and conditions, otherwise you will not be allowed to sign up to your account.


When freelancers register on our site, they have to qualify two tests to prove their skills and be eligible. Their account will be completed and generated only if they qualify in both the tests, as per our provided guidelines. If they fail to qualify, their current application will be rejected. In such cases, the freelancers can apply again after 30 days.


Your submitted application will go through a round of our profile verification process. Our profile verification experts can reject your profile due to the following reasons -

  • Invalid or incomplete identity proof
  • Too many and better applications in the same profile, where your profile doesn’t stand out.
  • If your qualification, skills, or certification do not match the criteria required to render a particular service.


Fellow Expert will seek your permission to share your profile details with client companies and other entities involved in the smooth rendering of our services. Denial of the permission may limit your usage of our site. However, Fellow Expert assures that your data is safe with us, and any kind of information sharing is strictly guided by our Privacy Policy.


As we thrive to ensure a healthy exchange of work through our platform, we had to formulate some strict disciplinary rules to curb any kind of misconduct. These rules are further elaborated in the ‘Fraud Prevention’ section of this page. If any freelancer or company is found to indulge in any practice that contradicts our moral code of conduct, then that account will be suspended with immediate effect, and that person or entity would be barred from using our platform in future.

Inactive Accounts

If the account holders request to deactivate their account, such accounts will be deemed as inactive accounts and will not be considered for bidding in future.

2- Relationships

While rendering the services through sites, your relationship with Fellow Expert, and the companies with whom you may work with are guided by the terms and conditions given below.

Relation with Fellow Expert

We would like to state it clearly that our role here is just as a moderator. We will not refer any freelancer to the companies for any project, and vice versa. But, we will interfere if there exist any cases of conflict between the freelancer and the client company, and will try to resolve the matter to the best of our abilities. We will also interfere in case of grievances or negative feedback raised by the freelancers/companies, and in cases of dispute regarding the same. It is very important to ensure a healthy utilization of our platform.

Relation Between Client and Freelancer

Fellow Expert will not have any direct interference in the relationship of any company with a freelancer. The client companies can choose, connect, and chat with the freelancers on their own. Also, Fellow Expert does not guarantee the reliability of any such communication. However, in times of disputes or complaints, we may resume our work as moderators by diving into the matter to look at it closely.

3- Payments and Funds

When the companies post a job, they will pay the calculated project cost. That cost will be kept safe by Fellow Expert. When freelancers complete their projects, the amount earned by them will be credited, first to his Fellow Expert account as funds, and then to his bank account as remuneration. Here, you must note that the payments to freelancers are influenced by the feedback given by the client companies. If the companies do not find the project good enough, or reject the submitted project, no payment will be released in such cases. However, our fair and transparent policy compels us to intervene in such cases to avoid any sort of injustice from the employer’s end to freelancers. We will work as a moderator and check whether the claims/complaints are correct/incorrect.

4- Intellectual Property Infringement

Fellow Expert follows a strict intellectual Property Infringement policy. If you suspect any such cases of infringement or submission of copyrighted property, then the concerned authority can raise their concerns by dropping us a mail at support@fellowexpert.com. We will take strict action against the litigants.

5- Promotional Content

Fellow Expert will allow the addition of promotional content in projects if and only if it is of utmost importance for the projects. If at any stage, it is found that the freelancers have used promotional content without the permission or need of the client companies, then the clients can request for action against the freelancers. They can even reject their project.

6- Feedback and Reviews

The feedback system is to ensure that quality services are being delivered through our platform. All the client companies will get an opportunity to give their feedback on the projects submitted by the freelancers. The freelancer’s payments will be released once they accept the feedback given by the clients. However, if the freelancers are not satisfied with the feedback given by the clients, they can request for review from our moderators. The moderators of Fellow Expert will then review the project and the feedback to ensure justice.

7- Fraud Prevention

Fellow Expert has a strict fraud prevention mechanism in place that strikes balance and fair play between both parties.

  • If the companies find that the freelancers have failed to deliver the project, even after repeated requests, warning, and a considerable amount of time, then the clients can request for a refund.
  • If the freelancers find that the companies have intentionally rejected their project or given negative feedback even after receiving the right project, they can request a review.
  • If any entity is found with inaccurate or wrong identity, or indulges in any act of fraud as mentioned above, the account will be canceled permanently.

8- Refunds

We understand that there might be cases where the freelancers may not be able to complete the projects even after giving a considerable amount of time. If it is found that companies did not receive the project even after 60 days of the submission deadline, then the client company can request for refunds. We do offer a 100% refund of payments in such scenarios.

9- Dispute Resolution

In cases of disputes between the clients and the freelancers, Fellow Expert will act as a moderator to resolve the disputes. Our moderators will give both the parties a fair chance to keep their views. We will also review the projects and feedback submitted. At the end of the process, the moderator’s decision will stand final.

10- Freelancer’s Grievances

If freelancers face any issue while working with the client companies, they need to raise their grievances internally through our grievance management system. They can simply drop us a mail at support@fellowexpert.com and we will get working!

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